Yoga For Kids Lion Pose

Yoga For Kids

Rishma Malik of YogaPlay teaches yoga for kids with play poses to help them with their balance, peace, strength, rejuvenation and confidence. These play poses help children to learn and reap the benefits of yoga practice. Rishma and her yogi’s demonstrate Lion Pose followed by Cat and Tiger Poses. Lion Pose allows kids to express their frustration in a positive, non-harmful way. It is Lion Pose is followed by Cat pose which is calming and then Tiger pose for focus and strength.

About YogaPlay:

YogaPlay offers a full spectrum of Yoga and mindfulness programs for children and families. YogaPlay provides fun & enriching Yoga and Improv classes that kids love! Through yoga poses, games, mindfulness tips, peaceful breathing and relaxation exercises, kids can develop higher concentration and focus levels, inner and outer strength, flexibility, balance and confidence all through connecting their minds and bodies in proven healthy ways. Tune into the celebration and possibility of the YogaPlay WAY!