Yoga In The Living Room – Yoga Is For Everyone

Yoga In The Living Room

It is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline, that aims to transform body and mind.  Apart from the spiritual goals, the physical postures of yoga are used to alleviate health problems, reduce stress and make the spine supple in contemporary times. Yoga is also used as a complete exercise program and physical therapy routine.

Practice regularly, even if it’s only a few minutes every day in virtually any room in your own home. Watch as Sam Merkur practices a number of yoga poses in the living room that help her build concentration, increase her flexibility and strengthen her willpower.  The benefits of yoga apply to all ages and stages of life.  As Sam Merkur demonstrates, Yoga is for everyone and can be practiced almost anywhere at anytime.

Sam Merkur, Certified Yoga Instructor, (CYA-RYT) and Iyengar trained, is enthusiastic about her approach to yoga. Sam uses Yoga to assist with healing injuries, aiding in recovery from surgeries, and increasing mobility for preventative measures. As a mother of two kids, two dogs, and founder of Yogabodii, Sam relies on her own practice to maintain her physical health, mental stability, and emotional health, helping her to create the pathway for her many other passions and goals. To learn more about Sam and her services visit her at