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How To Create The Bombshell Blowout

The Bombshell Blowout

Adrien Dupuis, top Montreal Stylist calls the The Bombshell Blowout look he creates on Model and Co-Founder of Baristas, Laura Di loia ‘The Secret’.  In this hair segment he shares his secret to a great blow dry with by showcasing the exact steps to recreate this refined bombshell blowout.

Adrien notes, every smooth blow out starts with a good wash and great conditioner.  Next he combs out the wet hair and applies mouse, focusing the on ends.

The blow dry begins by removing all the moisture until it is two thirds dry.  The roots are dried completely as it is imperative for volume.

Now ready to get to the core of the look, section the hair into medium pieces and curl each section on a round brush adding the heat of the drier until completely dry.  Once finished, each piece is held in place with a hair clip. The process continues throughout each section and across the crown finishing with a zig zaged part for a more bouncy, sexy look.

Hair spray is used to set then again on the curls once loosened.  Voila – a chic, polished and sensual hair style that you too can apply to your locks at home.

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